May 20th, 2023: central day of celebration of the 25th anniversary

Saturday May 20th will be the central day of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of our museum (taking advantage of International Museum Day, which is celebrated worldwide on 5/18). We have programmed the following activities. Some require prior reservation (by calling/writing the museum or the Plentzia Tourist Office).

11:30 Historic Rally

Discover the adventures of Captain Martín de Plasencia, pass all the historical tests, find where he hid the treasure and get the best prizes. Activity for all audiences, departure from the museum.

18:00 onwards: The art of Plentzia in the street

The museum´s surroundings become an outdoor art exhibition. The museum takes part of the pictorial collection of the Plentzia City Hall out into the street to take a historical tour of the town through art.

17:45 The Hidden Side of the Museum

The museum is not only what can be seen with the naked eye. Discover the route of a piece before being moved to the exhibition or where all the historical knowledge of Plentzia is hidden. Guided visits to the museum warehouse and the Municipal Historical Archive of Plentzia. Passes: 17:45 / 18:45 / 19:45 / 20:45 (4 passes) Registration: Tourist office or museum

22:00 Geu(r)era

Vertical dance show and videomapping (in Eleiz Enparantza).

23:00 The museum at night: Stories of Plentzia

The museum opens its doors at night. Visit the museum through historical accounts of captains and curiosities of Plentzia. Passes: 23:00 (Spanish) 23:00 (Basque) 24:00 (Spanish) Registration: Tourist office or museum