2019 Temporary exhibition: Shipwrecks in the Bay of Biscay

The temporary exhibition of 2019 has the collaboration of Ana Mª Benito (historian and and archaeologist) and Javier Mazpule (navigator, diver and founder of the Arkolur association), members of the Aranzadi and Arkeolur Sciences Society, specialists in maritime aspects and shipwrecks. Both have extensive experience in these issues, from archaeological work in the underwater site of Iturritxiki (in the Bay of Getaria), to the publication of the book ‘Shipwrecks on the Basque Coast: 1976-2016’.

They have studied in depth maritime accidents between 1900 and 1975, and, in order to recall these truncated navigations, they have prepared the exhibition that we organise in 2019. The exhibition contains profusely illustrated panels, with maps of the wreck and showcases with objects related to the sea rescue.

This exhibition is a tribute to all the shipwrecked crews and the means of rescue.